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NattyMac offers financing opportunities for Depositories with excess cash that are looking for mortgage banking type returns. We provide participation in our warehouse lines of credit, collateralized by residential mortgage notes (US Bank is custodian), for short duration risk with spread income. We also offer Mortgage Servicing Rights financing collateralized by cash flows; these have a longer duration risk with larger spread income opportunities.

Traditional warehouse lending requires execution of the following:

  • Management of up to 20,000 settlement agents
  • Client support for service level agreements for funding (often 2 hours)
  • Custodial arrangements for all notes delivered
  • Client technology to request and view transactions
  • Operational risk and expense for the management of the platform and personnel

Participating with NattyMac /Home Point Financial only requires deploying excess cash, but has the following benefits:

  • Depositories are rewarded with L + negotiated spreads for both participation and MSR financing
  • Without being in the warehouse lending business,  Depositories can earn income without adding fixed cost